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LEADS BOT - Botplan chatbot 'handles all incoming leads across all instant messaging channels' for realtors Realtor Bot
HUMAN BOT - Google Hangouts chatbot Chorus powered by crowdsourced humans - "A group of crowd workers will be recruited on-demand in real-time to chat with you and try to solve your problems" Chorus
MESSAGE BOT - Intercom, provider of chatbot-powered messaging services to businesses, says new product Operator 'can teach bots to be polite' Intercom Operator
MEDI BOT - medical chatbot ‘Melody’ from Chinese search engine giant Baidu is powered by AI to ’increase doctor productivity and enable patients to get quicker answers to their health-related questions’ Baidu Research
COMS BOT – Vodafone introduces TOBi as ‘the first live chatbot in UK telecoms' Vodafone TOBi
VODA BOT - Vodafone customer service chatboot TOBi available via web chat: check out the YouTube demo vid Vodafone TOBi video
LEGAL BOT - DoNotPay chatbot started out giving consumer advice on parking pickets but now covers many other areas of the law in both the UK and USA: check out the demo vid on YouTube DoNotPay YouTube
PSYCHOLOGICAL BOT - chatbot TESS uses psychological artificial intelligence: try out the 'Cognitive emotional behavioral therapy' demo TESS
SMS BOT - investigative journalism podcaster Reveal using SMS chatbot to provide listeners with additional documents, graphics and images for a more immersive experience Reveal
SALES BOT - chatbot Eila wants to be 'your best-selling sales person, with uninterrupted, 24/7 service' Eila
DANISH BOT - try Nordea Bank chatbot Nova with ’Do you speak English?’: she replies ’I understand English, but answer in Norwegian’ Nordea Bank Nova
CREATOR BOT - Politibot Platform is a Bot Management System (BMS), a Content Management System (CMS) for creating ’chatbots with a friendly interface to manage messages, analytics and feedback’ Politibot Platform
BUILD A BOT - create a chatbot on Facebook Messenger with ManyChat 'for marketing, sales and support. It`s easy and free' ManyChat
FEM BOT - State of Mississippi unleashes artificial conversational chatbot Missi: ’she can direct you to the appropriate state agency’ and ’help with your questions 24/7’ Missi
MONEY BOT - chatbot Cleo helps look after your money: banking, budgeting, balances etc etc Cleo

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