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PERSONALITY BOT - Capital One used a character development expert from Pixar to give chatbot Eno an endearing personality ready for launch later this year Capital One Eno
TECH BOT - Hearti provides tech solutions, its chatbot is on the homepage: ’Have a look around! Let us know if you have any questions’ Hearti
EMOTE BOT - mental health tracking chatbot Joy can "interpret your emotions and offer tips to feel happier or less anxious!" Joy
LIPPY BOT - Estée Lauder lipstick chatbot on Facebook helps customers find the ideal lip shade with a virtual try-on Estée Lauder Facebook
BASIC BOT - freelancer marktplace Fiverr now has a 'chatbot' section with a database of techies who can build Basic Bots, Smart Bots or Genius Bots: 'How Smart Do You Want Your Bot?' Fiverr Chatbots
DJ BOT - superstar DJ Hardwell has a chatbot on Facebook Facebook Hardwell
VISA BOT - Visabot chatbot is 'the first immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence, US 'B-2 visa extensions and O-1 visa petitions, for now' Visabot
LOAN BOT - the Tata Capital Chatbot is live on the website for retail products, including personal loans, home loans, car loans, business loans and two wheeler loans Tata Capital
FLIGHT BOT - search and book a flight with Icelandair using the AutoPilot chatbot on Facebook Messenger Icelandair AutoPilot
BANK BOT - Banco Falabella, with branches in Chile, Colombia and Peru, has launched customer service chatbot 'Sofia' on Facebook to provide quicker responses to queries Sofia Facebook
BLING BOT - Singapore retailer Goldheart Jewelry helps customers with a Facebook chatbot called Bling: 'Bling Finds Your Ring' Facebook Bling
COMPANY BOT - Space Gentleman, chatbot for marketing tech agency Byte London, explains what the company does Byte London
FEELGOOD BOT - emotionally intelligent chatbot Wysa helps 'manage stress and build mental resilience' Wysa
GOT BOT - HBO television hit Game of Thrones has a chatbot: the GotBot is on Faceook Messenger Facebook GotBot
HEALTHCARE BOT - LifeFolder uses chatbot Emily to help people plan for end-of-life healthcare LifeFolder

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