useful little bits of info
VIDEO AD CHATBOT - Tommy Hilfiger has first chatbot accessed from a video: check the Vimeo demo Tommy Hilfiger Vimeo demo
TENNIS BOT - Ask Fred chatbot, available on iPhone and Android apps, provides info about Wimbledon Tennis including matches, directions, food and drink etc etc Wimbledon Tennis mobile apps
DOCTOR BOT - Your.MD chatbot matches symptoms with up to five conditions or illnesses via iOS and Android apps as well as messenger platforms Kik, Skype, Slack, Telegram, and Facebook Your.MD
TRANSLATION BOT - Facebook Messenger bot Tarjimly connects volunteer translators with refugees & immigrants in need of translation services Tarjimly
VA BOT - India’s first chat-based virtual assistant Haptik now getting over 5,000,000 chatbot requests per month Haptik
LAW BOT - LawBot chatbot relaunching July 2017 as LawBot.X, aiming to become "the first generally competent lawyer-robot ever" LawBot.X
TICKET BOT – ask ’What’s happening tonight?’ and the Ticketmaster chatbot for Facebook responds with every upcoming event in your area Ticketmaster Assistant for Messenger
MONEY BOT - K'Ching, mobile banking app for youngsters from Belgian bank KBC, uses a chatbot to teach them how to manage money KBC K'Ching
TWITTER BOT - TD Canada Trust customer service chatbot available through the ‘Message’ button on its Twitter page offers a number of quick options TD Canada Trust Twitter
FESTIVAL BOT - Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has a Facebook Messenger chatbot providing comprehensive event info + Remind Me, Now and Next, FAQs Cannes Lions Bot
BUILD BOT - Heek automated website builder creates websites using chat interface Heek
KATYBOT - Katy Perry chatbot on Facebook is promoting her new album ’Witness’ and the follow-up tour and wants your location! Katy Perry Facebook
BOT TECH - singer Christina Milian has a Facebook Messenger chatbot with a slightly delayed response to make it seem more human and less robotic Christina Milian Facebook
SURVEY BOT – chatbots help fill in survey forms from QuestionPro: "Say Goodbye to lead forms – Say Hello to Conversations!" QuestionPro Forms
TRAVEL BOT - Transport for London TfL TravelBot on Facebook Messenger answers questions about London Tube, buses, trains, DLR, Trams etc TfL TravelBot Facebook

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