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SHOPPING BOT - retailer Titan Company expects its chatbot on e-store, mobile site and Facebook Messenger to appeal to the millennials who dominate online shopping in India Titan Company
SLEEP BOT - Insomnobot 3000 from US mattress manufacturer Casper (www.casper.com), TXT based "friendly, easily distracted bot designed to keep you company when you just can’t fall asleep" Insomnobot 3000
GROW BOT - GrowthBot (www.growthbot.org) chatbot for marketing and sales professionals or anyone growing a business: demo vid on YouTube GrowthBot YouTube
INSURE BOT - chatbot within mobile apps of Singaporean insurer PolicyPal (www.policypal.co) enables purchase of new insurance policies within minutes: check out the demo vid on YouTube PolicyPal YouTube
JOB BOTS - Wade & Wendy creates chatbot personalities to help guide people through the job hunting and hiring processes: Wade is "Your Personal AI Career Guide" and Wendy is "your in-house hiring assistant" Wade & Wendy
THERAPY BOT - Alison Darcy set out to develop a chatbot for mental health: Woebot is now available on a subscription basis after a free trial Woebot
ACCOUNTS BOT - customers of accounting software group Sage can use chatbot Pegg to record expenses, enter receipts, track spending etc Sage Pegg
HR BOT - OCBC Bank 'HR In Your Pocket' app has an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot to answer employee questions: check out the YouTube vid OCBC Bank YouTube
CLOTHING BOT - H&M chatbot on Kik tries to get a sense of personal style using images: check out the YouTube video H&M YouTube
HOME LOAN BOT - Singaporean bank OCBC reckons that chatbot Emma closed more than S$10 million of home loans in three months: check out the demo on YouTube OCBC YouTube
PROJECT MURPHY - new chatbot from Microsoft which responds to hypothetical questions "with an image that visualizes an answer" Project Murphy
PIZZA BOT – chatbots could be the future of food ordering via the smartphone: check out the TARS demo vid on YouTube TARS YouTube
INSURANCE BOT - chatbot Kate answers customer questions for insurer GEICO GEICO Kate
BOOKING BOT - adidas Studio LDN uses Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the studio schedule and sign-up for the free classes and events adidas Studio LDN
NEWS BOT - news from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation available on the ABC News chatbot on Facebook Messenger plus daily digests and alerts ABC News

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