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NEWS BOT - news from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation available on the ABC News chatbot on Facebook Messenger plus daily digests and alerts ABC News
ME BOT - Replika chatbot mirrors the person using it and mimics personality so you can talk to yourself Replika
FLIGHT BOT - Lufthansa chatbot Mildred on Facebook Messenger helps search for the best available air fares Lufthansa Mildred
BEAUTY BOT - Sephora make-up chatbot is on kik: check out the demo vid on YouTube Sephora YouTube
POLYGLOT BOT - chatbot Tinka is the virtual customer advisor for T-Mobile Austria: ask 'do you speak English' and she replies 'Sorry, I am only able to answer questions in German', 'parlez-vous francais' gives 'Je suis désolée, mais je ne sais pas parler français' Tinka
FOOTBOT - Toni is a football chatbot for the Premier League and other European football leagues Toni
BREXIT BOT - WTF is Brexit? provides light-hearted info about Brexit, automated program rather than chatbot WTF is Brexit?
CANNABOT - personal medical marijuana chat bot ABBI now available 24/7 to answer cannabis enquiries ABBI
SKINCARE CHATBOT - Hello Ava is in beta mode offfering personalised skincare advice, requires signup Hello Ava
HAIR BOT - hair colour matching chatbot Madi from Madison Reed starts with a selfie, see the Madi demo video on YouTube Madi YouTube
TV BOT - Fios chatbot on Facebook Messenger from telecoms giant Verizon provides a new way find out what's on US television: demo vid on YouTube Fios YouTube
SHOPBOT - eBay ShopBot is in beta mode "with plenty of features and functions still in development" eBay ShopBot
FLIGHT BOT - search and book a flight with Icelandair chatbot on Facebook Messenger: demo video on YouTube Icelandair YouTube
IMMIGRATION BOT - legal tech company Botler, a Montreal (Canada) startup, runs a free specialist chatbot offering assistance to immigrants applying for residency in Quebec Botler
FOOTY BOT - based on legendary soccer commentator Jeff Stelling, Jeff Bot is the Sky Sports chatbot for Premier League and Championship football on Facebook Messenger Sky Sports Facebook

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