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BAGGAGE BOT - chatbot answers questions about baggage on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon flights Cathay baggage bot
BING BOT - Microsoft wants chatbots on Bing search results, for example the Monsoon Restaurant listing has a 'Chat' button Monsoon Bing
CONCIERGE BOT - demo vid of the Qantas concierge chatbot on Youtube Qantas YouTube
CHAT WITH CHIP - chatbot Chip (City Hall Internet Personality) is in beta mode answering queries for LABAVN (Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network) about doing business in LA LABAVN
FASHION BOT - British Vogue chatbot on Facebook Messenger: "Simply visit the British Vogue Facebook page, click on the messaging icon, and chat away" British Vogue Facebook
FASHION BOT - Women’s Wear Daily is ’the first U.S. fashion media brand with a dedicated bot for Messenger’: check the demo video of the WWD chatbot on Instagram WWD instagram
WEATHER BOT - chatbot Poncho offers weather forecasts + jokes and anecdotes on Facebook Messenger Poncho Facebook
SEXTBOT - talk sexy with Christian Grey (50 Shades of....) chatbot on Facebook Messenger Christian Grey Chatbot
EVIE - avatar Evie is an advanced, emotional chatbot: try asking her 'What is AI?' Eviebot
ATTICUS - talk TV with Atticus, entertainment chatbot from AT&T on Facebook Messenger Atticus Facebook
TV TALK - check out the Atticus chat style on the demo vid at Meet Atticus Meet Atticus
TOBi - chatbot TOBi (iBOT - geddit?), 'the latest addition to Vodafone UK's customer service team', coming to the My Vodafone app soon My Vodafone app
ADA - health chatbot available as smartphone app: 1) enter symptoms in conversational format using prompts rather than free text 2) get a diagnosis Ada
BFF BOT - not ’best friend forever’ but ’breastfeeding friend’ on Facebook Messenger: "For fast, friendly, anytime, trusted NHS advice on breastfeeding, message our Start4Life Breastfeeding Friend chatbot" Breastfeeding Friend chatbot login
OSCAR - Air New Zealand chatbot Oscar, currently to be found in beta form above the FAQ section, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to answer customer queries Air New Zealand Oscar

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