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TV TALK - check out the Atticus chat style on the demo vid at Meet Atticus Meet Atticus
TOBi - chatbot TOBi (iBOT - geddit?), 'the latest addition to Vodafone UK's customer service team', coming to the My Vodafone app soon My Vodafone app
ADA - health chatbot available as smartphone app: 1) enter symptoms in conversational format using prompts rather than free text 2) get a diagnosis Ada
BFF BOT - not ’best friend forever’ but ’breastfeeding friend’ on Facebook Messenger: "For fast, friendly, anytime, trusted NHS advice on breastfeeding, message our Start4Life Breastfeeding Friend chatbot" Breastfeeding Friend chatbot login
OSCAR - Air New Zealand chatbot Oscar, currently to be found in beta form above the FAQ section, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to answer customer queries Air New Zealand Oscar
SOCIAL CHATBOT - Zo is the replacement for Microsoft’s ill-fated chatbot Tay: "AI with #friendgoals...Message Zo on Facebook and Kik" Zo
MENU BOT - Food Network chatbot on Facebook Messenger: ’ask for recipes in a variety of ways - by ingredient, meal type, your favorite chef or show’ Food Network
LAW BOT - chatbot DoNotPay, created by Stanford student Joshua Browder, has overturned more than 160,000 parking fines: "It can talk to you, generate documents and answer questions. It is just like a real lawyer, but is completely free" DoNotPay
DIGITAL DEMO - Focus Solutions personal financial health-check is chatty but not strictly a chatbot Focus Solutions
BANKING BOT - video from Kasisto shows how its personal banking bot MyKAI performs Kasisto MyKAI
BANKBOT - ’People have always been able to message their friends, but with the help of Teller, they can message their bank also’: check out Teller chatbot demo Teller
RUTH - HM Revene & Customs chatbot Ruth provides virtual support for tax matters HMRC Ruth
YOKO - Toshiba chatbot Yoko offers virtual support in 20 languages Toshiba Yoko
LUSY - digital concierge Lusy answers questions about Volume, a company which creates chatbots for big brands Volume Lusy
SKIN ADVISOR - Olay Skin Adviser chatbot starts with a selfie to provide personalised skin care advice Olay Skin Adviser

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